A Moving Experience

4 Nov

Sometime last May (or was it March? a month beginning with “M”, I’m sure.) Brad came home and said, “How’d you like to move to Tel Aviv?”

I said, “Oh no, not there. No definitely not.” Emphatic I was.

A week or so later Brad came home and said, “The word at work is that Tel Aviv is a coveted assignment. They call it the “Miami of the Mediterranean.”

I began to ruminate over this possible next chapter in our lives. I searched the net. What I saw was encouraging. I began to think, well maybe I could live in that part of  the world.

I told him he could go ahead and apply for the assignment. He got the assignment. They said we’d be there by end of August.

They lied.

But only about the arrival month. They were about four months off the mark. We’ll be arriving just as Hanukkah is winding down. This will be Brad’s fourth overseas assignment. It will be my seventh time living overseas. Let the adventure begin.


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