Bad Day Out for Baxter and Lulu

8 Nov

One of the joys of moving overseas is determining the proper procedures you must follow in order to bring your pets with you. The paperwork needed to bring our kitties to Israel is not too very complicated. And the best part is that the kitties do not need to be quarantined. Plus, since we have already been assigned to housing we will be able to move right in. No temporary quarters. No kenneling needed for Bax and Lu. The bad part is transporting the kitties. Anywhere. Even a 15-minute car ride is an ordeal.

Today I had to take them to the vet so that each of them could have blood drawn. The blood needs to be sent off to a lab for testing to prove that the rabies shot they got a couple of months ago was effective. The ride started out well. Lulu was in the seat next to me in the soft-sided carrier her Aunt JoAnn had given me. Baxter was in the hard-sided carrier in the back seat. Lulu cried only a little bit at the beginning but seemed to settle down quickly. I didn’t hear a peep out of Baxter. But then, almost like clockwork, 15 minutes into the ride Baxter began to moan. Then he puked in his carrier. Soon he was pooping too. I cleaned him up in the parking lot of the vets before bringing them in. Then I noticed that Lulu had been drooling. Excessively. Oh those poor kids. How will they ever survive the plane ride?!


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