10 Nov

Today a representative from the moving company came for a walkthrough of our house. He was a little man who, judging by his brown teeth,  must be a tobacco chewer (at first what I thought were missing teeth were simply discolored teeth — eww!) but friendly nonetheless and quite talkative. Simple, polite questions or comments from us would elicit anecdotes on countless topics from which were spawned innumerable tangential comments. It took about an hour to go through every room of the house. We would indicate what we were planning to put in storage and what we plan to ship. Of that second category there will be two shipments: a small one by air that will comprise items we will need as soon as possible, a larger shipment by boat comprising the rest of our household effects. We were happy to learn we can ship spices as well as canned and unopened boxed food items. Though the little man said with a gleam in his, “Whatever you do, don’t ship oregano (wink wink) or your shipment is sure to be delayed!”


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