To Do List

15 Nov

My days are now filled with making lists and trying to check the items off the list. Batting better than average for today.

Call Broadstripe to turn off cable/internet service. Check
The person I spoke to was very friendly when I told her we were cancelling service because we were moving to Israel.

Chiro appointment Check
Pulled a muscle in my neck that has been very painful lately.

Ah reminds me, I must schedule my massage treatment.
I have one more treatment left on a gift certificate Brad gave me.

Make appointment for cats to get Health Certificate. Check
Has to be signed and dated no sooner than 10 days before our departure.

Drop car off for State Inpection Check
Passed with flying colors

Wash car in preparation for showing to prospective buyers.
Really needs a good cleaning!

Inform and update friends and family about impending move. Check
via email and facebook

Make appointment for last hairstyling and pedicure before departing
Gotta have my toeses in tip top shape for the sandal weather I’m heading for

Do Italian Homework
Last class meets this Wednesday


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