Travels with Baxter and Lulu

21 Nov

Lulu looking a bit like an owl

Baxter hanging out on Aunt Joyce's counter

We got back today around 5 p.m. from a brief visit to Canfield. What we had hoped would be a several day visit and then revised to a long weekend turned into an overnight visit. Preparations for the move have been encroaching on more and more of our plans.

We took Baxter and Lulu and did a trial run giving them dramamine to help with their motion sickness. Brad pilled them and he said that Lulu immediately began foaming at the mouth. They both walked around for about a half hour constantly sticking their tongues out trying to get the taste out of their mouths.

Did it help? Not much. Lulu still cried for about the first hour but not as loudly as usual. She still drooled like crazy and arrived soaking wet from her drool. Baxter pooped and puked on schedule about 15 minutes into the drive. We pulled off at a rest stop so I could clean up his carrier, then it was fairly smooth sailing the rest of the way to Joyce’s house.

Since we were only there overnight we managed to see only a few of the folks we would have like to have seen before heading overseas. Lulu and Baxter appeared to enjoy their visit immensely, romping around Aunt Joyce’s place, practically bouncing off the walls and keeping us constantly entertained.

On the ride home we decided to let the kitties go without any drugs whatsoever. Lulu cried at top volume this time and drooled profusely. She finally quieted down after about an hour and a half, then curled up and snoozed most of the time, occasionally waking to emit feeble moans and wails and foam up again with drool. Baxter managed to go for at least an hour before puking…but no pooping in his carrier. Hmmmm…. I think we are making progress!

I gave Lulu a bath when we got home. She squirmed during her bath, as can be expected, but I think she actually appreciated having her drool-matted coat transformed back to smooth as velvet fur again.


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