One More Week

22 Nov

I’d just watched a violent episode of Boardwalk Empire followed by a gory episode of The Walking Dead that ended with a rather disturbing scene. Then I realized with a panic that the movers would be arriving one week from today. I was tired as hell but couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about all that remains to be done till the movers come. I tossed and turned then got up for a drink of water. As I often do, I made a walk-through downstairs to check on the kitties. Neither was downstairs. I felt I couldn’t rest till I knew they were both snuggled up somewhere in the house. I found Baxter upstairs curled up on my chair but Lulu was nowhere to be found, even after checking the basement. I imagined she’d somehow gotten outside and was wandering outside mewing helplessly. Then I found her, curled up on the cat bed by the heating vent in the kitchen where I had placed it after giving her a bath. Whew, I sure had allowed my anxiety to get the best of me. Eventually I fell asleep, but only about 4 hours before the alarm was due to go off.


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