Midweek Update

24 Nov

We’re not selling the Camry. We were almost ready to trade it in for a Subaru Forester until we realized we wouldn’t be able to get the title before we leave the country. The company that will ship the car will come pick it up on Monday, Dec. 6. On previous moves overseas we had to drive to one of the ports in Dundalk to drop the car off. On thing less we need worry about.

I called the vet to see if the blood test results were in for Baxter and Lulu. This is the test to prove that the rabies shot they got at the beginning of the month has been effective. I was horrified to hear that the testing won’t be done till the beginning of December. Ack! Too close for comfort. I asked if there was anything they could do to expedite the results. The best they can do is to courier the results to the vet rather than send via US post. I’m going to lose some more sleep over this one.

Got my immunizations for Israel today. All six of them. It doesn’t feel any better hearing the nurse who gave them to me say she didn’t think I needed all those shots. But the Med. Center for Brad’s office said I needed to get them. The shots didn’t hurt too bad when I got them but my arms are dreadfully sore right now.

Yesterday I managed to get my hair done and treated myself to a pedicure while I was at the salon. After all, I’ll be enjoying sandal weather soon!

Finally began to gather up the items we want to mail to our new address. These are things that we want to have upon our arrival. Better get them in the mail soon or we will arrive before the packages do.



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