A Big Ooops!

30 Nov

I’ve been fretting over the myriad details of the requirements to bring the kitties overseas with us. One of the requirements is that they must get a health certificate from the vet within 10 days of their arrival in Tel Aviv. So made the appointment with the vet for today, 10 days before our departure on Dec. 8. I bundled the kitties into their carriers and drove to the vets. Baxter pooped in his carrier about 10 minutes into the ride. And Lulu drooled profusely. Then when we were finally in the exam room waiting to see the vet it occurred to me — we depart on Dec. 8 but we arrive the next day, Dec. 9. I was one day too early for the health certificate! I was so embarrassed! The vet was really cool about it, though, and we rescheduled for tomorrow. And poor Baxter and Lulu. However…it may have been a good thing. On the way home, for  the first time ever, Baxter did not poop or puke! And Lulu only whimpered faintly a couple of times and didn’t drool nearly as much as usual. Maybe they’re getting used to travel by car! Maybe this will be good practice before their big journey by air.


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