Moving Day One

30 Nov

Boxes Packed and Ready to be Crated

Boxes Packed and Ready to be Crated

La Strega

Brad's Ducati, La Strega, gets loaded onto the truck.

We got around 4 hours of sleep last night. We didn’t get to the hotel till around 2 a.m. We were both exhausted but slept fitfully. You would think that since we’ve made this kind of move before, things would be easier this time around. But they aren’t.

Movers arrived on schedule around 10 a.m. A very nice crew of workers. The crew chief, Melvin, and his workers first went through the house with us as we showed them what was to ship by air, what was to ship by sea and what was meant for storage. I had labeled everything with color-coded stickies for extra clarification. Even so, throughout the day they called us over for clarification about what was HHG (household goods that go by ship), UAB (unaccompanied baggage, that goes by air) and what was to go into storage. Melvin is a very likeable guy and punctuated many of his statements by saying, “Cool.” We treated them to coffee in the morning and lunch, of which they were very appreciable and thanked us quite politely.

Surprise of the day: One of the crew found a gold necklace that Brad had gotten for me in Turkey. We thought it had been stolen when our house was burgled a year or so ago. The burglar must have dropped it and it has lain there under my dresser all this time! Even though I do vacuum under the dresser when I clean house.

It was a long day. They worked until nearly 8 p.m. and by then had crated all our UAB and nearly all of our HHG (5 crates by quitting time). We learned that they planned to complete the entire move in 2 days. We had thought it would take 3 days.


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