The Morning After

1 Dec

We slept in. Late. Very Late.

Back to the house in the afternoon to review what remains to be done. We have stashed away items in various closets and cupboards. Some goes to the dump, some to charity, some to be mailed, some to be stored in a cubby in the attic.

We’ve begun a new routine for the kitties. During the day we will let them stay at the house. We’ve set out towels for cuddling on, left a few toys for them to play with. There’s a litter pan in the basement. Food and water upstairs. And plenty of shelves and cubbys to climb up on. In the afternoon we bring them back to the hotel to spend the night with us. Each day the car ride seems to get easier and each day they seem to become less and less apprehensive of the changes all around them.


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