A New List of Things To Do

2 Dec

The house is packed up but we’ve still got quite a list of things to do:

  • Prepare shopping list for our sponsor in Tel Aviv so we will have some essentials ready and waiting for us upon arrival.
  • Return audio books to the library. (while I was there I picked up a paperback on the for sale rack for 50 cents: Reservation Road. Hope it will be good reading while on the road.)
  • Mail packages to new address
  • Pick up rebate from CarMax (I will be the recipient of $500 from a class action suit!)
  • Deliver expired medications to Columbia Medical Practice (The nurse who gave me my injections said I could drop them off for disposal with their hazardous waste)
  • Order thank you gift for my veterinarian and staff (they’ve been extremely helpful in getting Baxter and Lulu prepared for their big overseas adventure)
  • Submit change of address forms to USPS
  • Update BGE contract in preparation for future tenants
  • Update AlarmOne contract in preparation for future tenants
  • Cancel telephone service
  • Drop off donations with Salvation Army
  • Hire house cleaner (Yay! we are splurging and hiring a company to clean our house for us)

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