False Connections and Freezing Cold

6 Dec

Annapolis Alley

Freezing cold in an alley in Annapolis, hands tucked inside the sleeves of my fleece jacket.

Started the day off at the house waiting for the house cleaner to arrive. She arrived right on time at 9 a.m. Then Brad took over at the house waiting for the Camry to be picked up and delivered to the port for shipping.

JoAnn came by to pick me up and we went to her office where she helped me fax the kitties’ veterinary certificates to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv (one of the many requirements of bringing pets into Israel). It took several tries to get the fax to go, first I was using the wrong international dialing code. Then when I got that straightened out the fax kept getting rejected for various reasons: bad line connection, no answer, busy signal, yadda, yadda, yadda. We kept trying and trying and finally it went through. Then I think it went through again, and again and again. Oh well, at least they know we’re coming!

The two of us then headed out to Annapolis. A while ago I’d planned to spend a day with JoAnn before moving. I’d thought a day out in Annapolis would be fun. It’s a pretty town with lots of nifty shops, historic buildings, cafes and restaurants. I hadn’t counted on the bitter cold that’s taken Maryland in its grip these past few days. The temps have been hovering in the low 30s (F) and the wind has been wickedly strong. Add to this the fact that I’d packed away all my heavy winter coats and lost the only pair of gloves that I hadn’t packed away. We made the best of the circumstances however, stopping in at a nice bookshop/cafe to start the day off, then popping in and out of shops, and topping the day off with a late lunch in a French-style bistro on Main Street.


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