Drowning in Paperwork

11 Dec

Yesterday I spent hours poring over all the documents required for shipping the kitties to Israel. I want to make doubly sure there is no chance they will be bumped off the plane on Tuesday. The amount of paperwork is astounding: rabies certificates, rabies titer test results, health certificate from my local vet, veterinary certificate signed and stamped by the USDA veterinary service, proof of microchipping, declaration of ownership. One set for each cat. And each item must be completed on a different time table. Some of the documents must be faxed to Continental’s PetSafe Live Animal Desk in Houston, others to Ramla Quarantine Station in Israel, still others to Ben Gurion Airport.

I was able to fax to Houston for free from the hotel. I spent nearly an hour at Staples sending the faxes off to Israel. Continental gave me a faulty/wrong fax number for the Ramla Quarantine Station. Had to email them for an alternate fax number. That set of faxes went off this morning from Staples. The total cost for the faxes to Israel came to about $75. Thank goodness my vet only charged $40 for the second health certificate. And the USDA vet waived the fee for the second vet certificate because it had to be redone “through no fault of my own”. And it will cost about $1,100 to ship both kitties via Continental. It sure has become costly and complicated to bring pets overseas.


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