Houston, we are cleared for lift off!

13 Dec

We checked out of TownePlace Suites this morning and will check into a hotel near Dulles airport this evening. Brad dropped me off at the house and then headed into work. I did two loads of laundry, read a bit, played with the kitties using the laser light, walked to the P.O. and mailed cards to my Sicilian cousins, had lunch at the Linthicum Luncheteria (gotta love that name!) and now I’m at the Linthicum library, checking my email.

Yesterday, I received an email from Dr. Shlomo (chief veterinarian for the State of Israel). He gave me an email address for the vet in charge at Ben Gurion Airport, Dr. Uri Ziv. I emailed Dr. Ziv to get confirmation that he had received the faxes I had sent the day before. He replied rather promptly saying there was a problem with one of the faxes and could I send them to him by email. Arrggggh! That means I’d have to scan the documents in. Luckily, I was able to run over to JoAnn’s to scan in all the documents rather than having to pay for the scanning at Staples. But by the time that was done it was close of business in Tel Aviv. I had to wait till this morning to hear back from Dr. Ziv. What a relief to receive his reponse that all was A-OK.

Next hurdle was to make sure everything was clear with Continental. I emailed them for confirmation and they said they had not heard back from Tel Aviv yet. Arrgggh! I emailed them back, forwarding the response I’d received from Dr. Ziv and attaching the documents I’d scanned in. Within an hour Brad received a voice mail that our pets are cleared to fly out tomorrow morning. And I just received an email confirming the good news. I think by now Baxter and Lulu must be the two most well-known pets in Tel Aviv.


One Response to “Houston, we are cleared for lift off!”

  1. Cenzo December 13, 2010 at 8:38 pm #

    Buon viaggio! We hope the second time is a charm. We’ll be thinking of you. Can’t wait to Skype with you once you’re in Tel Aviv.

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