The In Crowd

15 Dec

Welcome To Israel

At David Ben Gurion Airport

Our Living Room

Our living room with government-issue furniture


Rear of our house with patio

Upon arrival at every overseas post the first order of business is in-processing and this posting was no different. What was different is that we spent our first night in our own home rather than in a hotel or temporary quarters. N. picked us up in the morning and we began the ride into the central Tel Aviv on one of the routes Brad will be taking each day to work. I watched the traffic carefully as I had on the ride from the airport to our house and I thought. Hmmm. Not too bad. I think I might be able to handle driving around here.

Once we arrived at Brad’s workplace we made our way from one office to another. We had our photos taken for an ID card. We were briefed about security and medical services. We were told about the benefits available to us at this posting. There are many extracurricular activities and organized tours of which we can join. There is a nice little cafe on the premises that serves delicious cappuccinos.

For lunch we ventured out into the city. From what I’ve seen I wouldn’t say Tel Aviv is a pretty city. Most of the architecture I saw was drab and rectangular. But my experience of the city has been very limited so far. N. led the way through some bustling streets to Rami (?) the sandwich man. She boasted that he makes the sandwiches for you right before your very eyes. I thought, “isn’t that what they do at Subway?” But Rami’s sandwiches have as much in common with Subway’s as an anthill has with Mt. Sinai. There was a limited selection of sandwich fillings to which one could add a plethora of extras. I opted for the Tunisien sandwich — a tuna sandwich on a whole wheat sub roll. I knew better to expect white albacore tuna and it looked to be chunk light. I had Rami add cucumbers, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, potatoes and a wonderful condiment made of pickled lemons. It was sumptuous and delicious. I could only eat half and saved the other half for dinner.

I left with N. around 2 p.m. while Brad stayed for more official in-processing. N. took me to the AM-PM store (something like a large 7-11) where I picked up a few items and then dropped me off at home. By then I was ready for a nap. Tomorrow morning I need to get up bright and early for a day trip to Jerusalem.


One Response to “The In Crowd”

  1. Chana Rab June 30, 2012 at 1:24 am #

    i was wondering if I could use your photo of the desk of Ben Gurion airpot in a production I’m working on. Thanks

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