A Trip to Jaffa

6 Jan

Old jaffa

Happy to finally have an internet connection at home, this morning I opened my email to receive an invitation from L. for a ride into Jaffa. It was 9 a.m. and she was leaving at 10 with two other people. Hmmm…stay at home and enjoy my newfound cyber freedom or go for a jaunt into Jaffa? Didn’t take me long to decide or to get ready. Jaffa, here I come!

Jaffa is an ancient port city that has become incorporated into Tel Aviv and the two cities are now known properly as Tel Aviv-Yafo. Jaffa sits at the southernmost portion of Tel Aviv. We were coming from Herzliya a northern suburb, so L. was gracious, and brave, enough to drive through downtown Tel Aviv to arrive at our destination. It was only my second time in Tel Aviv and it is definitely a busy metropolis. I caught glimpses of some of the striking modern architecture it is known for. But upon arriving in Jaffa I was totally charmed by the ancient stone buildings and pavement. There were inscriptions in Arabic and Hebrew. Mosques and Catholic Churches. A restaurant called Aladin [sic] with a terrace perched above the Mediterranean.

We wandered through the flea market in Old Jaffa. Numerous shops line the narrow streets and are filled with a wondrous eclectic assortment of items new and old from a wide range of countries. It reminded me a little bit of the shrine sales in Tokyo…but the Jaffa flea market is open Sunday thru Friday. Another section of Old Jaffa is full of art galleries. We had lunch in an Italian Bistro where I had a delicious antipasti sandwich.

I felt totally invigorated by my visit to Jaffa and look forward to visiting again. But for that I’m going to need to start driving. Gulp!


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