Lush Landscaping

11 Jan




A Different Kind of Mimosa

Silk Floss Tree

The Bulbous Trunk of the Silk Floss Tree

Since our car has not arrived yet I’m doing a lot of walking in our neighborhood. One of the things I love about my walks is viewing the plants that the houses here are landscaped with. There are many citrus trees. Olive trees are as common here as Bradford pears in Baltimore. Many houses are surrounded by hedges of hyacinth. There is a wide assortment of palm trees as well as conifers. I’ve seen several different types of mimosa trees and other trees and shrubs I’m sure I’ve never seen before. And I’m still surprised when I see 10-foot-tall trees that would normally be potted plants back home. And this is wintertime. I’m curious to see what wonders spring may bring.


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