Yay! I’ve got a mobile phone

14 Jan

For me, getting a mobile phone in Israel has been quite a challenge. My goal was to get a phone with email capability…like maybe an iPhone? But I’d heard that if you bring an iPhone here from the States you would not be able to use it. Then I heard about jailbreaking iPhones for use over here. I started to get excited about that but got frustrated when I tried to find more info. My internet searches were fruitless (probably cuz my eyes glaze over when I try to read all that tech stuff). I found a shop in Herzliya that sells mobile phones and sim cards but his prices were way too expensive. Then I found out about a vendor recommended by one of Brad’s colleagues. I called the vendor and didn’t understand a word he said…he was speaking English but with an incredibly thick Israeli accent. So, I asked the colleague to email me info on the cell phones offered by the vendor. The email made everything clear as mud.

Brad came to the rescue. Again. He visited a vendor near the office recommended by another colleague. He got a sim card that I can use in his old cell phone from the States. Now, I can take my time shopping for a new cell phone in which I can use this sim card.

Whew! Ain’t technology great?


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