A Taste of the Exotic

26 Jan

Passion Fruit

Waiting For Wrinkles

This is the second passion fruit Brad has found in our back yard. We cut the first one open before it was ripe. I’ve since learned that wrinkly skin is a sign of ripeness in passion fruit.

We tried pomelo for the first time today. It’s the fruit that looks like a giant grapefruit in this picture. An Israeli woman I met raved about pomelos so I thought I had to try one. The rind of the pomelo is incredibly thick. It took me awhile to get to the fruit within. After watching a video on how to eat a pomelo (imagine — watching tutorials on how to eat fruit!) I learned how to carve away the rind and to peel away the membrane surrounding each section. Pomelos are said to be sweeter than grapefruit but not as sweet as oranges. Well, I must have gotten a bad one because it was rather tart. I broke up the sections into a bowl and sprinkled sugar on top (as I saw in one of the videos I watched). Tasted just like grapefruit to me. Hardly seemed worth the effort I went through to peel and eat it.


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