Our Stuff Arrives

27 Jan

The First Crate Is Opened

The First Crate Is Opened

Let The Unpacking Begin

Let The Unpacking Begin

Boxes Everywhere

Boxes Everywhere

A Mountain of Boxes

A Mountain of Boxes

I think Lulu knew something was up this morning. Our household goods were scheduled to arrive which meant the kitties would be locked in the upstairs bathroom while the movers unloaded the truck. Was it the anxiety that made her throw up everything in her stomach?

The moving crew arrived shortly after 9 a.m. and things began to move at lightning speed. There were about five guys in the crew and they trotted into the house with boxes while Brad checked off the inventory list and we directed them where to place the boxes. The crew chief unpacked big stuff and assembled anything that had been disassembled for the move. We told the crew chief that the kitties were secured in the bathroom but apparently he didn’t pass the info along. One of the movers opened the door after he heard some noise in the room. The noise was Baxter pawing at the door, trying to get out. There were a few panicky moments as we closed doors and scooped the kitties up again. Despite the incident with the cats, we were very pleased with the moving crew. They were quick and efficient. They finished unloading the truck shortly after noon.

And so now we are surrounded by boxes again. At first I was thinking it was more fun to unpack than it had been to pack out but now I’m sitting here daunted by the task ahead of us. I started with the kitchen. I’ve been at it all afternoon and early evening and have yet to unearth our coffee mugs. But we did have the pleasure of dining on our very own dinner plates this evening.

Lulu seems to be okay now too. She held her dinner down this evening and she and Baxter tuckered themselves out exploring all the stuff in our house and jumping in and out of boxes as we emptied them.

One of my friends noted that the time will fly and soon we will be packing up again to return home. I fear she is all too correct.


One Response to “Our Stuff Arrives”

  1. nancy January 28, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    Did you really miss all your ‘stuff’??
    I always wonder about that. We really get along well with less don’t you think?

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