A Warm Welcome

28 Jan

I took a break from unpacking this morning to attend a Welcome Coffee for newcomers to the embassy community. The event was hosted by the DCM’s wife at her residence. DCM stands for Deputy Chief of Mission. The DCM is the second in command under the U.S. Ambassaor. His wife is very friendly and makes one feel at ease immediately. They have a lovely home with a large backyard and a pool. It’s just a five-minute walk from our place. A handful of us were newcomers, myself being one of the most lately arrived. The rest of the women who attended have been living here for awhile with a few just about ready to head back to the States. The coffee was great and there were plenty of yummy snacks available, but I hardly had time to partake of the goodies as I was so busy chatting with others in attendance. Some of the women I’d met already but I made a few new acquaintances as well. I made plans to visit Carmel market with two of the women. I met the Ambassador’s wife with whom I’ll be taking Hebrew lessons. And I reminisced about Frankfurt (where I attended high school) with two other women who had also lived there before. I’m not usually a fan of events like this, but I enjoyed myself this morning and am feeling more positive about living here.


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