Italiano, Ancora

31 Jan

One of the main reasons I joined the IWC is that they offer classes in Italian. Since I’ve been out of practice for several months, I wasn’t sure whether to sign up for the beginner’s or intermediate class. But of more concern for me is that the classes meet at the instructor’s house in Tel Aviv. Without transportation, I’d have to depend on getting a ride to class. Then there was an email from the instructor: she was planning to have a class in Herzliya just this week, so long as someone could host the class. With a house full of boxes there was no way I could host the class, but thankfully someone else did. The class was held at H’s house, a 15-minute walk from my place. She is Chinese-American and her husband works at the U.S. Embassy. Two other women also attended. I believe they are both American but not sure if they are connected to the Embassy or not.

Turns out it was a beginner’s class. The lesson was very informal, a far cry from the structured and comprehensive classes I attended in Baltimore. For  this session the instructor concentrated on idiomatic phrases, emphasizing the difference between English and Italian. For example, in English we would say black and white while in Italian it is customary to reverse the order and say bianco e nero. We also looked at anomalies in the Italian language, such as nouns like mano that you would expect to be masculine but are actually feminine.

Next week, I hope to attend the classes in Tel Aviv. I’ll go first for the beginner’s class and stay around for the intermediate lesson, which I hope I’ll be ready for. At any rate, it’s great to be studying la bella lingua again.


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