Wine Tasting

13 Feb

Tishbi Estate Wine

Tishbi Estate Wine

I just got back from a wine tasting event sponsored by the US Embassy CLO. Among other things, the Community Liaison Office is responsible for organizing events to help maintain morale. Here in Tel Aviv that can mean anything from brownie bake-offs to trips to historical sites.

The wine tasting event, definitely a boost for my morale, was presented by David Rhodes, aka The Israeli Wine Guy. It took place at the home of one of the embassy employees. It was a stunning home, having previously been the residence of the Uzbekistan ambassador. Most of the decor was from Indonesia and Africa; there were several African masks, impressive Indonesian wood carvings and tapestries. All from previous postings to other embassies around the world.

Aside from tasting several Israeli wines from the Tishbi winery we were treated to a chef-prepared meal. We had a Caesar salad and a mixed green salad followed by three kinds of pasta (marinara with meatballs, pesto with chicken and pasta with mushrooms). The salads were good, the pastas fair but the Iraqi pita bread (from a local market) was superb.

We started the evening tastings off with a couple of white wines, then switched over to a selection of Cabernet Sauvignons. I don’t claim to know much about wine but I know what I like and my favorite was the priciest wine of the lot, an estate Cabernet.

During the course of the evening, David gave us a bit of background about Israeli wines. Though winemaking in Israel goes back to Biblical times, the wine industry was virtually wiped out during the Islamic conquest of 7th Century BC. The modern winemaking industry was founded by Baron Edmond de Rothschild in 1882. The Tishbi winery, one of hundreds of wineries in Israel today, is run by descendants of the family commissioned by Rothschild to plant the first modern wine grape vineyards in Israel.

It was a nice event, and if all goes well, shall become the start of the Herzliya Wine Club.

Built-In Wine Cabinet

I'm working on filling up my built-in wine cabinet..with wine bottles.


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