More Adventures in Shopping

16 Feb

Children's World

The sign says Children's World

Milk in Bags

Heaven knows why, but you can buy milk in a bag in most supermarkets


This is about one-third of the hummus offerings

Soccer Display

View from the escalator

I visited yet another mall with yet another supermarket. SR was kind enough to take SE and I to Petah Tikva, a short ride from Herzliya, to visit the Half-Price store. Apparently, there is not much truth in advertising in Israel because the items at the Half-Price store are not half-price. Many items are significantly cheaper than in other stores, but some are about the same price.

I had been expecting something along the lines of Family Dollar or Food Lion but no… The Half-Price store is brand new, huge, sparkling clean, and colorfully decorated in a rather quirky manner. The aisles are chock full of inventory: food items, cleaning supplies, housewares, deli and cheese counters, butcher, and more. An impressive array of fresh produce is housed in a separate building.

The best thing about the trip for me was finding the brand of cat litter I used in the States. Oh joy! The kitties will be scratching around in corn-based litter rather than icky, dusty clay litter.

The photos were taken with my new smart phone. Not the greatest quality and I’m still learning how to use the camera feature.


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