Weird Weather

20 Feb

Yesterday I took a drive to the local natural food store. The sky was really hazy. It looked a bit like fog. I parked the car and got out. It didn’t feel like fog. I looked up. The sun shone feebly as if from behind a gauzy curtain, pale as the moon in a cream-colored sky.

I found out later from an Israeli that what I’d seen was a sandstorm stirred up by winds from the Judean desert. Thankfully we are far enough away that we could see the storm but could not feel the sand swirling about.

Today has been a blustery rainy day. We’ve had very strong winds and intermittent torrential downpours. It’s a good thing the rain came a day after the sandstorm. If not, as I’ve been informed, it would have been raining mud.


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