Bin There, Dump That

22 Feb

Recycling Bins on HaNassi

That yellow bin may be the only place to recycle tin and aluminum in Herzliya Pituach

Recycling Bins on Shalwa

Paper and plastic recycling bins

Tel Aviv may soon boast one of the world’s largest and most innovative eco-parks, Ariel Sharon Park. The park will transform Hiriya, a huge waste dump just outside of Ben-Gurion Airport, into a grand recycling theme-park that some predict will become the new Stonehenge.

Even so, Israel has a long way to go to catch up to U.S. standards in recycling. At least that’s the way it appears in my neighborhood just north of Tel Aviv. Here in Herzliya Pituach there is no recycling pick-up. Citizens must tote recyclable plastic bottles, batteries, paper and tin cans to recycling bins located here and there on street corners. Attempts have been made to give the bins more aesthetic appeal, but let’s face it, they are simply eyesores. As far as I know, there is only one bin where one can recycle tin cans and aluminum products in all of Herzliya Pituach. There is no recycling of plastic bags and there are no recycling bins for glass whatsoever.

Oh, but I forgot to mention that some glass and plastic bottles are sold with a deposit for which you can get a refund at most grocery stores. Does that remind anyone else of the 50s?


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