Local Birds Meet Telephoto Lens

25 Feb

When we first moved to Herzliya Pituach I frequently walked through the neighborhood running errands accompanied by my Nikon DSLR and its 52mm lens. Then I got my smart phone and began leaving the Nikon at home. But I kept coming across photo opportunities and my little LGKP500 just wasn’t up to the task. So, one day I attached my telephoto lens to my Nikon before running some errands, hoping I’d see something worth capturing in pixels.


Lucky me, I came across a hoopoe! Not in the most scenic spot and not in the most ideal lighting situation (shooting into bright sunlight), but I did manage a few shots before he flew away.

Hooded Crow

I knew I’d see some hooded crows; they are ubiquitous here. Some of them appear to be tamer (or bolder) than others. This guy let me come fairly close and even did a comical strut for me.

White-spectacled Bulbuls

Then I saw two bulbuls nuzzling each other atop a wire. How sweet!

I need to take my telephoto lens out for walks more often.


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