A Walk in the Park

5 Mar

Vriesland Garden

Entrance to Vriesland Garden

Friendly Tabby Cat

Note the clipped ear. This means he/she is a stray that has been neutered/spayed.

Eurasian Jay

Eurasian Jay

Today I went for a walk to Vriesland Garden. It’s a small but nicely landscaped park. I had seen a pair of hoopoe there last Thursday, so I brought my telephoto lens along, hoping to catch them again. No hoopoe today but I did see a Eurasian Jay. Also two friendly cats. One of them so friendly that he repeatedly rubbed up against my legs as I was taking photos of the jay. When I got home I immediately stripped off my jeans and threw them in the wash. I’m paranoid about bringing home outdoor cat germs, parasites or whatever to my indoor kitties.


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