Rainy Day in Ramat Aviv

24 Mar

Indian Chai

An Indian Chai Helps Take the Chill Away

Today I had plans to meet two friends in Ramat Aviv for shopping and lunch at a cafe. The torrential rain that came down as I was getting ready in the morning did not seem to bode well. The torrents didn’t last long but the rain kept coming back between fits of sunshine. And it was a downright chilly 55F! It was turning out to be a typical winter day in Tel Aviv.

Oh well, the three of us donned rain slickers and hats and browsed around Schuster Center. It is a nifty little shopping area, not an indoor mall, nor a strip mall — just a few blocks of small adjoining shops under partial cover. The shops ranged from boutiques to book stores to fresh produce to homemade felafel. In an odd little kitchenware/hardware shop I managed to find some spice jars for storing the fresh spices I’ve been purchasing at markets. We all loaded up on some gorgeous looking produce, then headed to a little cafe for lunch.

We had a wonderful lunch at Cafe Gimmel. It was a cozy joint with a rather impressive menu. The presentation of the meals on stylish dishware was matched by the quality of the food. I had a yummy quiche and salad, then, after much conversation with my friends, topped it all off with a delicious Indian chai.

So glad we didn’t let the rain spoil our day.


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