Hoopoes, Here, There and Everywhere

4 Apr

One of the delights of walking around my neighborhood are the sightings of hoopoes along the way. I often, but not always, see them in pairs. They seem somewhat tame and have allowed me to approach rather closely. They are difficult to capture on camera without a blur as they are constantly moving and pecking into the ground. When they are startled they raise their crests and fly away. I’ve yet to grab a shot of one with its crest fully opened but I did manage to get a shot of one in flight (a happy accident).

Click here for more of my photos of birds in Herzliya.

A pair of hoopoes in Vriesland Park

A pair of hoopoes in Vriesland Park

Hoopoe in Flight

Hoopoe in Flight


This hoopoe is keeping an eye on the strange woman with a camera


Beginning to open his crest


2 Responses to “Hoopoes, Here, There and Everywhere”

  1. Domenica Genovese April 4, 2011 at 10:39 pm #

    wow the hoopoes are fabulous!


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    […] quirky and sometimes—no oftentimes—over-the-top architecture. And maybe I’d come across a hoopoe or two. Well, no hoopoe sightings today…just scads of hooded crows. I sat for awhile in […]

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