Matzoh Ball Soup From Scratch

15 Apr

matzoh ball soup

I made it myself!

This coming Tuesday I’ll be attending a community Passover Seder at which 20 people will be in attendance. The hosts will be providing the main course but everyone else is to bring a side dish. I volunteered to bring matzoh ball soup.

I love to have matzoh ball soup when I visit New York but I’ve never made it myself. I decided I’d better make a batch before the Seder to make sure I’ve got the technique and ingredients right. I scoured the internet for recipes, made my shopping list and headed to the grocer’s. I had been warned not to go near the large supermarkets in the few days running up to Passover as they will be mobbed. I figured if I went to my local grocer it would be okay…and it was.

There is matzoh mix available here from Knorr but I got whole matzohs instead and ground them up in the food processor. You cannot find chicken broth in the stores here, so I bought a whole chicken and had the butcher cut it up so I could make my own broth. I wanted to go traditional with this recipe.

I think it paid off as the soup was delicious. Just a mite salty but I’ll fix that when I make a new batch of broth. Remember, I’m cooking for 20 people. The matzoh balls were so easy to make! They plumped up like magic while cooking in the broth. Brad kept raving about how good they were.

Yay! Another dish to add to my repertoire.


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