Heating Up

17 Apr

Pelicans in the lake at Ra'anana

Pelicans in the lake at Ra'anana

Yesterday was the first day it felt hot enough to go outside in a sleeveless top, shorts and sandals. Today we hopped in the car to go for a nice Sunday drive and I watched in disbelief as the thermometer in the car indicated temps rising from 79F to 97F in a matter of minutes.

I’ve been hearing a lot about the heat of summer here in the Tel Aviv district and it seems to have finally arrived. Well, almost. It was not that humid today and with my hat on and a nice breeze blowing, I was not too uncomfortable outside. Plus, the weatherman predicts we will go back down to highs in the 70s later this week.

Our Sunday drive took us to Ra’anana, deemed to have the highest quality of life in Israel and to be the safest city in the Middle East (according to Wikipedia). We spent most of our time in the park, the largest urban park in our region. It’s a pretty park, clean, well-manicured and definitely designed for family outings, judging by the whimsical “sea creatures” we saw floating in the man-made lake. One was a dragon with a body made of mesh. Inside the mesh the belly of the dragon was filled with plastic bottles. On the opposite shore was a prefab alligator (or was it a crocodile?). These creatures shared the lake with an assortment of water fowl, including black swans and pelicans.

Later this month I plan to attend Israel’s first ever flower and garden show at the park.


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