Our First Seder

20 Apr

The Seder Plate

The Seder Plate

Yesterday Brad and I went to a “community” Seder hosted by the Deputy Chief of Mission TA for members of the diplomatic community — mainly for those of us who have never been to a Seder or have not been invited to an Israeli-hosted Seder. We fell into both categories. In the past few weeks I’ve been learning about the Passover traditions observed by Jews from around the world. It was a real treat (literally!) to take part in the Seder last night.

There were 33 of us in all, spread out around four round tables. Our hostess led us through the recitations, songs and rituals of the Seder. Mixed in with this were Passover-related games for the kids. It took quite a while to go through the entire service. I was impressed at the symbolism of the ritual and that services similar to the one we took part in are performed in Jewish homes around the globe.

This is the event for which I practiced how to make matzoh ball soup. Well, the practice paid off as I got lots of compliments from guests and a thumbs up from the Ambassador himself! There was plenty of good food at the table. I discovered I don’t mind gefilte fish at all, but I don’t like that it is served cold. And  love charosset — a kind of apple chutney. Must learn how to make that as well.


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