Tel Afeq

1 May



Another lovely day and a visit to another National Park. Tel Afeq (or Afek) is near Petah Tiqwa, about a half-hour drive from our place. It is a site near the source of the Yarkon river and has been settled by a succession of civilizations for more than 5,000 years. We saw the remains of an Ottoman fortress, Binar Bashi, built during the 16th century; the remains of an Egyptian governor’s house dating to 2000 BCE; and some ancient Roman ruins—the cardo (or main street) and the Odeon (small amphitheater). Several groups of school kids were there on a field trip to the site, each group watched over by an armed guard. We wandered ’round the ruins and nearby paths through fields and around a lake and saw several interesting wildflowers and birds. Yarkon National Park adjoins Tel Afeq but is either a 2-hour hike (or, I’m guessing, a 15-minute drive) away. We decided we’ll come back for an early morning visit to Yarkon National Park, with hopes of seeing even more birds and, perhaps, other wildlife.


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