Mystery Outside My Window

8 May

Baxter and Lulu Enjoy The View Outside My Studio Window

Baxter and Lulu Enjoy The View Outside My Studio Window

Canary Island Palm Dates

Canary Island Palm Dates

Date Palm Berries

Some of the date palm berries have become lodged in another plant

I chose a nice spot for my studio, a small room at the front of our house looking out onto our courtyard. The courtyard has been planted with palm and ficus trees as well as several other plants. The kitties love to visit me while I’m working at my computer and gaze out the window at birds and the occasional stray cat.

One day while working on my computer I heard a kerplunk right outside the window. I looked up, expecting to see one of the neighborhood kids whose ball had perhaps fallen in our yard. No kid in sight or any other source of the noise that I could fathom. Day after day, I’d hear a thunk here and a kerplunk there.

The mystery was solved when I stepped outside and examined the yard outside my window. A tall palm tree in our courtyard has been dropping little orange berries on the ground. Some of them have even lodged inside the leaves of another palm tree. And there were scores of old dried up berries on the ground.

Wikipedia tells me the palm tree is a Canary Island Date Palm but, alas, the dates are not edible. The tree is used frequently as an ornamental and is often trimmed to look like a pineapple.


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