The Source of the Yarkon

8 May

Source of the Yarkon River

Source of the Yarkon River

El-Mir Mill, built during Roman times

El-Mir Mill, built during Roman times

Cattle Egret atop El-Mir Mill

Cattle Egret atop El-Mir Mill

Yesterday we visited Yarkon National Park. It is the national park near Tel Afeq which we visited last weekend. Though Yarkon National Park is associated with some important features we found it to not be as enjoyable as Tel Afeq. Yarkon is largely a picnic area/campground. There were a few families there setting up picnic tables and barbecuing foods when we arrived around 10 am-ish. By the time we left, the park had begun to fill up and there were at least a dozen cars lined up at the gate waiting to enter.

This national park contains the source of the Yarkon river. The Yarkon meanders westward from this site, through Tel Aviv and into the Mediterranean. The area did look a bit swampy and not very picturesque. The lily pond was murky with only a few shriveled-looking yellow lily flowers in evidence. We did not see much bird life during our visit. Perhaps we had arrived too late in the day for the birds and too early in the season for the water lilies. We saw the ruins of El-Mir Mill built in Roman times. Nearby is the site of an old farm owned by an Egyptian during the mid-1800s and later sold to Baron de Rothschild.


2 Responses to “The Source of the Yarkon”

  1. Peter Wentworth July 7, 2013 at 11:51 pm #

    Thanks for the great pictures and fascinating information. When we lived in Israel in the early 70’s I participated in the initial excavation of Tel Afeq

    • Lenora Genovese July 8, 2013 at 8:10 pm #

      Thanks for stopping by, Peter. How exciting that must have been to participate in the excavation of an ancient site.

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