The Secret Life of Almonds

16 May

Fresh almonds

Almonds fresh from the tree

While shopping at the local produce store I came across a bin full of oblong shaped fruit with a green fuzzy skin. I inquired as to what they were and was surprised to learn they were almonds. This is what comes from being so removed from the source of our foods. I can only recognize almonds as the brown ridged nut that one always sees in the supermarket…or even in the health food store. Until today I’ve never seen them as they look fresh-plucked from the tree.

I was tempted to buy some but held back due to some other recent info I had gained about almonds. Not too long ago a friend informed me that there is a component of almonds that can cause cold sores. As one who is prone to cold sores, I was skeptical of her info. I’d always heard almonds are one of the healthiest foods one can eat and blithely went on snacking on my home-roasted almonds. Two weeks later I broke out in one of the worst cold sores I’ve ever had.

Coincidence? Did the power of suggestion bring on the outbreak or are almonds really cold sore inducing? Guess I’ll never know for sure.


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