City Girl For A Day

24 May

I spent the entire day in Tel Aviv today making a few stops in different parts of  the city.  I drove in early to get a good parking spot at my first stop…and wouldn’t you know, I missed my turn. Luckily my wrong turn took me to the neighborhood where my Italian class is held so I was able to get back on the right road without too much difficulty. My first stop was a meeting to discuss a freelance job designing a logo. The meeting went well and I can’t wait to start on this project, which I can work on from home – yay!

After my meeting I headed to Dizengoff Square. I had been there just last Saturday and noticed a sign advertising an Antiques Market that takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays and I wanted to check it out. I also wanted another chance at photographing the Cinema Hotel. Today’s shots turned out much better than those on Saturday.

Sign advertising Antiques Market at Dizengoff Square

There are not many English-only signs in Tel Aviv.

Cinema Hotel

Cinema Hotel

I arrived a bit early for the market so I thought I’d grab an early lunch. I really wanted to eat at the restaurant in the Cinema Hotel but they are only open for breakfast until 10 a.m. They recommended Cafe Amelia just around the corner. Good recommendation. My tuna sandwich on Moroccan bread was yummy.

A Fine Lunch at a Sidewalk Cafe

A Fine Lunch at a Sidewalk Cafe

Finished lunch and the Market still wasn’t open so I decided to find a book store. I’ve been searching for a road atlas of Israel but have been having trouble finding one in English. I also wanted to stop in at SuperPharm to buy a bandaid for the blister that had begun to form on my heel. It was time to explore Dizengoff Center — a huge and confusing shopping complex near Dizengoff Square. It’s confusing because the stores are spread out between two buildings and there is no directory or map of the stores. I visited four book stores but could not find the atlas I’ve been looking for. And I eventually found and limped into the SuperPharm and purchased my bandaids.

Finally time to hit the market. It was fun. Lots of antiques and collectibles, vintage clothes, coins, stamps, postcards, etc. I made one purchase: a dreidel made of…well I don’t know what it’s made of. Some kind of metal but certainly not precious since it only cost 20 shekels (about $5). I’ve seen many different types of dreidels here. The one I got is a top but rather a flat one. Plus, it appears to be loaded! It always lands on the same side.

Antiques Market at Dizengoff Square

Antiques Market at Dizengoff Square

A Different Kind of Dreidel

A Different Kind of Dreidel

After the market I walked back to my car and then drove to my Italian class. I’m getting to know that neighborhood really well! Class was over around 4:45 p.m. Time to join rush hour traffic back home! I got a few chances to honk my horn loudly — driving is such fun over here. Home by 5:20 p.m. and welcomed back by two hungry kitties.


2 Responses to “City Girl For A Day”

  1. Domenica Genovese May 24, 2011 at 9:55 pm #

    hey cool…good luck with the freelance project. : )

  2. Lenora Genovese May 24, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

    thank you! and hey, that was the speediest comment I’ve ever received.

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