Giving “Same Old, Same Old” New Meaning

29 May

Last Column Standing at Beit She'an

This is the only column left standing erect after an earthquake in 749 CE devastated the city of Beit She'an. All others were toppled to the ground. Some have been set aright by restorers.

Columns toppled by an earthquake

Many of the columns toppled by the earthquake have been left as they were found by the archaeologists who excavated Beit She'an.

Sacred Compound

Sacred Compound

Public Lavatory

Public Lavatory

Mosaic Tile Floor in the Sigma Concourse

Mosaic Tile Floor in the Sigma Concourse

We visited Beit She’an National Park and saw the remains of a city with a 4,000-year-old history. Today what I found most amazing was not the antiquity of this particular site but the fact that this is the fifth or sixth site we’ve seen in the last six months — each boasting at least a 4,000-year history. And all these places are within a few hours drive from home. Why, one of them is within walking distance! And there are countless more sites for us to visit further north and further south.

Is it possible to become jaded from seeing such astounding sites on a regular basis? Well, I sure hope that doesn’t happen to me. So far, I’ve been more and more impressed with each site I visit.


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