White Balance Test in The White City

24 Jul

White Balance Test of Tel Aviv City HallShown above: Tel Aviv’s original City Hall. Each image shot from the same spot (hand held), at f/9 at 1/320 sec, each with different white balance setting (clockwise from top left): auto white balance, direct sunlight, cloudy, fluorescent, incandescent, shade.

I’ve lived in Israel long enough to know that Tel Aviv is known as the White City because of the many examples of Bauhaus architecture. I’ve owned my Nikon D40 for five years. Even so, I took a photo tour of Tel Aviv today and learned lots about my camera and about Tel Aviv as well. The tour was led by Rinat Halon, professional photographer and resident of Tel Aviv. There were six of us on the tour, all with different makes and models of digital cameras. Rinat shared photo tips with us and gave us assignments to carry out on the spot to demonstrate certain features of our cameras. Rinat’s mother came along to dispense historical information about many of the places we visited on the tour. For example, we stopped in at one of Tel Aviv’s three surviving traditional grocery stores, a place I’m sure I’ve walked past and driven past many times. We met the owner who graciously allowed all us shutterbugs to take his photo. The tour did not cover a wide area of Tel Aviv, but it featured historical details, characteristic architecture and some interesting anecdotes. Plus, I learned about a couple of restaurants and museums that I definitely want to return to.


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