Rainy Evening in Lisbon

31 Aug

We finally arrived at our hotel in Lisbon around 5 pm this evening. We had checked the weather reports before our departure and saw rain in the forecast. As we rode into town on the airport bus we saw ominous gray clouds hanging over the city. Fortunately we made it to our hotel before the rain began.

We rested up a bit in our very nice hotel (Tiara Park Atlantic). The rain began shortly before we headed out for dinner. We had a delicious dinner at a fabulously atmospheric restaurant on “Eating Lane” near Rossio Station. The restaurant, Casa do Alentejo, is housed in a huge Moorish building decorated with painted tiles on the interior. The food was as delcious as the decor was breathtaking.

It was raining even harder when we left the restaurant. We were still game for taking the metro but we found the metro station was locked up for the evening! So we hailed a cab and are ready for a goood night’s sleep after a long day.

Acordo Sopa

Delicious bread soup in a garlicky broth with egg.

Casa do Alentejo

Casa do Alentejo Restaurante

Entrance to Casa do Aljentejo

Entrance to Casa do Aljentejo


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