Juicing the Passion Fruit

25 Sep

Passion Fruit

Making Passion Fruit Juice

Passion Fruit Nectar

Passion Fruit Nectar

So there I was with two dozen passion fruit, ripening to wrinkles and turning my kitchen into an aroma factory. I had plenty of time to consider what I would do with these fragrant fruits that had literally dropped in my lap. (Well, almost literally…they had dropped into the backyard.)

As I don’t seem to do anything these days without consulting the internet first, I began googling and came across a number of You Tube videos about what to do with passion fruit. One fellow advocated just plain eating them: you slice the fruit in half, scoop out the innards, then eat juice, pulp and seeds all together. I thought I’d give that a try. It was then I discovered just how tart passion fruit is. And I hated eating the seeds.

Another video demonstrated how to make passion fruit juice. Cut them open, scoop them out into a blender, add lots of sugar, blend gently so you don’t chop up the seeds, pour out through a sieve to get the juice and leave the seeds behind. I tried that with the remainder of my passion fruit. I found that the pulp held rather tenaciously onto the seeds so I kept pulsing the blender more and more. Ooops, I think I over did it. Some of the seeds had begun to get chopped up. I strained the juice as best as I could. Nearly two dozen fruits yielded about a cup of rather thick nectar with little tiny bits of seed floating in it. Well, if you can eat the seeds whole, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to drink up these tiny bits.

So now I’ve got a rather tart nectar. What next? One friend suggested adding sugar, heating it up and reducing it into a syrup for pouring on top of vanilla ice cream. Tasty as that sounded I rather tended towards turning the nectar into a tropical cocktail.

I found plenty of tropical fruit cocktail recipes on the internet but I was lacking most of the ingredients. This is when I ventured into the dangerous territory of recipe experimentation. The first night I added pomegranate juice to the passion fruit juice, stirred in some sugar and added the only liquor we have — bourbon. I had expected the concoction to turn into a blood orange color, but no, it became a decidedly unappetizing muddy brown. But rather tasty, nonetheless.

The next night I challenged my hubby to come up with a cocktail. He simply added the whiskey to the passion fruit juice. We had to add sugar to cut the tartness. Then I added a bit of coconut milk to smooth the drink out a bit. Again, rather tasty.

I shall be checking the back yard regularly now for more heaven-sent passion fruit.


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