My First Sukkot

13 Oct

Sukkah in Herzliya Pituach

Sukkah in Herzliya Pituach

A Peek Inside the Sukkah

A Peek Inside the Sukkah

Today is the first day of Sukkot and B. had the day off from work. Sukkot, also known as the Festival of the Tabernacles, lasts seven days. To celebrate Sukkot, families build a temporary shelter called a Sukkah (Sukkot is the plural of Sukkah). The shelter, which should be decorated with plant material such as bamboo shoots or tree branches, is meant to be reminiscent of the fragile dwellings the Israelites lived in while wandering the desert for 40 years after the exodus from Egypt. Many families eat their meals in the shelters and some even sleep in them. I’ve also learned that Sukkot is a harvest festival during which thanks is given for the bounty of the past year.

The weather was supremely gorgeous today, so Brad and I took a long leisurely walk. I was hoping to see some of the sukkot built by our neighbors. We knew they must have built some as we noticed many people hauling away tree branches and other yard waste that had been put out for collection. We only saw one sukkah during our stroll. I’d forgotten to take into account that just about every house in Herzliya Pituach is hidden behind a tall wall or other barrier. If there is a sukkah behind the wall, I’ll never be able to see it! I’ll get a chance to see another Sukkah next week when I will have my Hebrew class inside my Hebrew teacher’s Sukkah.


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