Italy or Bust

9 Nov

Postcard from Sicily

A postcard I purchased during my last visit to Sicily

The night before B. and I left for a weekend visit to Rosh Pina our washing machine went on the fritz. Luckily, I had already finished washing clothes. It was while I was washing a load of towels that the machine went berserk, constantly blowing the circuit breaker. We got it fixed upon our return and it’s been going along swimmingly since then.

Until tonight. The night before I depart for Italy. Again, I’d already washed the clothes and I decided to throw in a load of towels. This time the spin cycle wouldn’t work. The towels were sopping wet after running them through an extra spin cycle. Grrrr. Not fun having to wring out all those towels by hand before throwing them into the dryer. And even so, it took about three hours to get them dry!

And this, the night after my kitchen sink decided to spew water from below rather than from the faucet. That was fixed this morning.

Is this a case of home appliance sabotage? Some sort of nefarious plot to keep me housebound? Or just a set of really annoying coincidences?

Well, nothing will keep me from going to Italy tomorrow. Even the general strike that threatened to close down Ben Gurion airport this week only lasted for four hours on Monday.

I’m all packed now and ready to go. I just got word that the internet is down at the B&B in Sicily where I’ll be staying. It may be awhile before I check in again.


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