Rome to Tel Aviv

18 Nov

Naples and Mt. Vesuvius from above

Vesuvio from above

Staying at a B&B in Ostia had two great advantages: proximity to Ostia Antica and proximity to Rome’s Fiumicino airport. It took less than a half hour to get to the airport from the B&B. Vince was headed to San Francisco via Paris, Domenica was traveling to Baltimore via Atlanta and I was flying direct to Tel Aviv. Our different destinations meant we each departed from a different terminal. We said our goodbyes to each other after we’d barely entered the airport.

The best part of my flight home was that I got a fantastic view of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius from above. I was disappointed that we didn’t fly over Sicily; by the time we had gotten that far south the pilot had already begun to turn the plane east toward Israel. Other good things about my flight home: there was no one in the seat next to me, I arrived on time, I breezed through passport control and customs, Eli the taxi driver was ready and waiting for me in the arrivals hall. The drive home in Tel Aviv rush hour traffic, unfortunately, seemed to take as long as the flight from Rome to Tel Aviv.


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