Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

16 Jan

Before heading back home on Monday we stopped off at Ein Gedi Nature Reserve to hike the Wadi David trail. We saw a young Nubian Ibex at the entrance to the Reserve, several rock hyraxes at the head of the trail and a few bird species along the trail. It was an invigorating walk. The trail took us up and up many stone steps hewn out of a hillside in the Judean desert. We were following the course of Nahal (river) David and as we went up we passed several waterfalls. Nothing huge like Niagara, by any means, but incredibly beautiful, nonetheless.

Young Nubian Ibex

This Young Nubian Ibex greeted us at the entrance to the Nature Reserve

Rock Hyrax in a tree

Rock Hyrax in a tree.

Waterfall in Wadi David

Waterfall in Wadi David


2 Responses to “Ein Gedi Nature Reserve”

  1. Don February 21, 2012 at 3:31 am #

    What’s so incomparable about the Dead Sea? Aside from being DEAD that is?
    That Ibex is not greeting you. He’ s thinking how he’d like to bite you or butt you. Don’t be so naive. Well a hyrax may sit in a tree but a Lorax SPEAKS for the tree. So there.

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