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Stormy Weather

17 Feb

View of the Mediterranean from the Cliff Trail

View of the Mediterranean from the Cliff Trail

Why does the crummy weather always move in on the weekends? And, since this is a long weekend (Brad took off work today and Monday is President’s Day), the weather is predicted to be particularly nasty: wet, cold, windy, snow in the north, possible flooding. This was the weekend we’d planned for a camel trek in the Negev. Don’t think we’ll be braving the storms for the trip down south. This morning we decided to take a hike nearby before the weather got too nasty. We discovered a wonderful little park just a few minutes north of us: Hof HaSharon National Park. There are four different trails in the park that sits atop a cliff hugging the Mediterranean. We took the cliff trail and nearly got blown off our feet by the wind. The landscape is spectacular there and we plan to return and explore other trails in the park.