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Getty Or Not… Here I Come?

25 Apr

This is a photo of butter biscuit hearts from Bettys Cafe in Harrogate. I took the photo the day before Valentine’s Day six years ago. It’s garnered nearly 4,000 views and 92 faves on my flickr site. And, recently, this photo and five others caught the attention of Getty Images. I’ve received an invitation from them to add some of my photos to their stock photo collection.

I’ve received requests before for use of some of my images but never from a stock photo house as prestigious as Getty! I’m off to read the fine print on their invitation. Would be nice to rub shoulders with some of the other fab photos in their collection!


A Day in the Life of Baxter and Lulu

1 Apr

Baxter leaves his perch atop the cat tree to check in on Lulu who has been snoozing in a sunbeam.

Baxter's attention is temporarily distracted, perhaps by the bird of paradise blooms in the back yard. Lulu tries to get back to sleep.

Baxter: "Hey, Lulu, wake up!" Lulu: "Ger'off!"

Baxter grooms Lulu.

Baxter grooms Lulu.

Baxter: "Hey, let's play, Lulu!" Lulu tries to ignore the irrepressible Baxter.

Baxter: "Hey, c'mon Lulu" Lulu: "Leave me and my sunbeam alone!"