Return of the Gecko

9 Jun

Gotcha! He is not at all happy…but if not for our intervention, Baxter and Lulu would not have been as kind.

A colorful creature…and quite agile. Moments after taking this photo he leapt from Brad’s hand onto the patio with a funny little thudding sound.

Released on the patio. He spent quite a bit of his new-found freedom circling this post.

Last October a little gecko made its way into our living room. Brad was able to scoop him up and put him outside before Baxter or Lulu could cause any damage. Today, while readying the grill for a cookout, we found another gecko on our patio. Baxter and Lulu were eyeing him intently from inside the sliding glass doors. Before we knew it, as we were making our way inside, the little lizard decided to come in with us. Brad scrambled again to capture the critter before Baxter and Lulu could. The gecko was caught and placed back on patio. As I began roasting peppers, I looked for the gecko and he was nowhere to be seen. At least not by human eyes. But a pair of feline eyes knew the gecko was still close at hand. I saw Baxter eyeing a spot just outside the sliding glass doors. I shook my head, thinking the poor cat doesn’t realize the gecko is gone. Wrong! Brad found the gecko back inside the house. Scooped him up again and this time we are pretty sure he is gone for good. Why are we so sure? Baxter and Lulu have given up their post by the sliding glass doors.


4 Responses to “Return of the Gecko”

  1. Anne June 9, 2012 at 8:46 pm #

    I think you have a new pet!!!

  2. Domenica Genovese June 11, 2012 at 4:37 pm #

    Did you try to get some insurance out of him before you let him go?

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