Isn’t it Good? Norwegian Fjords (Tel Aviv to Amsterdam)

2 Jul

We began our cruise to Norway with a flight to Amsterdam, scheduled to arrive in at 10 a.m.but the airline overbooked our flight and we got bumped to a later flight with a change out of Zurich . We arrived in Amsterdam four hours later than planned.

We caught the train from the airport to the central train station in Amsterdam. I swear I could smell hashish as we made our way on foot to our hotel, just a couple blocks from the station.

Ah, Amsterdam…I remember you well from visits I made during my high school years when I lived in Germany. I can’t believe my parents ever allowed me to travel to Amsterdam, unescorted, with my girlfriends but they did and I have fond memories of those visits.

After checking into our hotel, cushier digs by far from my high school days, we hit the streets in search of Van Kerkwijk restaurant.  It had been rated highly on Trip Advisor and, as we soon discovered, had justly won the accolades. We had a lovely meal, almost making up for the earlier snags in our travel plans.



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